L’un different


Choreography Laurent Drousie | Music Johann Sebastian Bach, Cello Suite No. 1, performed live by Ewout van Dingstee | Costume design Sjaak HullekesCostumes made by Hermien Hollander | Execution masks Corinne Roes | Stage- and lighting design Dominique Drillot | Decor made by Johan Wassink Decorbouw Rehearsal director Cathy Martin

You brought the nothingness out of me and it was rather comforting to be left alone in the darkness,
where the deepest darkness of me bloomed and i felt broken.
I watched my nightmares come with smiles and they greeted me with laughter and i
learned something new about myself: that i was not weird, crazy or strange. 
I just saw the world differently and that made me more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

r.m. drake

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