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Choreography Laurent Drousie | Music Dalida, Tout L’amour (from Dalida, Very best of, issued 2011); Joséphine Baker, La Petite Tonkinoise (from Bonsoir my love, issued 1998, Drg B000005ZVH); Annie Cordy, Monsieur le juge (from Annie Cordy, live at the Domino Club, issued 2013, AVRO, B00B3D922A); Edith Piaf, Non, je ne regrette rien (from Non, je ne regrette rien, issued 2012, Documents, 1098302); various sound effects | Costume design Laurent Drousie | Lighting design Laurent Drousie, Eric van Nuland

“With my memories, I have lit the fire. My sorrows, and pleasure, I need them no more. Swept away the love affairs, with their ups and downs. Swept them up for good. I return to the start. No, I regret nothing! Nor the good, nor the bad; it’s all the same. No, I regret nothing! For my life, for my joys, begin today with you.”(Edith Piaf)

Photos: Hans Gerritsen

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